Organic Produce

Mason Bees

Nothing's sweeter than fresh fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard. Join us at our annual Spring sale,
Saturday, June 1, 2019, to pick up
organic plant starts, garden art, and unique gifts!

Studies conducted in netted orchards have shown that 250 female mason bees can pollinate apples as effectively as 50,000 honey-bees! We have happy and healthy mason bees ready to pollinate your garden!

purchase locally

Visit our Farm Stand located at 32134 Cater Road in Warren, Oregon, for organic vegetables, fruits, plants, and garden starts. You can also find us at 2 C's Vendor Mall located in downtown St. Helens across from the Columbia Theater. Our vendor space is located inside the mall, directly across from the ATM. Let Fat Dog Farms be your local source for mason bees and mason bee supplies, garden plants, creative accents, and inspiration.