About Fat Dog Farms

About Fat Dog

When we first pulled down the driveway of our new home, an old, yellow lab was sitting on our porch, grinning from ear to ear. That was the day we met Fat Dog—a roaming country farm dog that made his daily rounds through the neighborhood—and he had come to welcome us home. 

​As the days passed and winter approached, Fat Dog remained at our house for longer and longer periods of time. After seeing him sleep on the porch outside our bedroom for a few cold nights, we decided he needed a dog house. He officially became our Fat Dog – he had adopted us!

​Every day he would greet us with his ear to ear grin and his wagging tail. Each evening, as we would play in the yard and garden, he would follow us closely, always within sight. For five years, as each section of the farm took shape, he was by our side, inspiring, motivating, and bonding. The friendship we created was immeasurable. 

Our home was his land, his stomping ground, his farm.

​Although Fat Dog is no longer running through the field or forest on the farm, his spirit continues to inspire the magical atmosphere that surrounds Fat Dog Farms.

In 2002, we purchased our dream home and the five acres of land that would become Fat Dog Farms. Within the first month, we tilled our first garden and from there the creativity and inspiration have grown. Over the years, I have explored my creative side, making many discoveries along the way— meeting new people, building new friendships, exchanging ideas, and sharing the fruits of the farm.

The experience of coming together as a community to share ideas has inspired me to show others the magic of Fat Dog Farms. Over the years, the farm has opened its doors for an annual garden market in the spring, where friends and family show off their creativity at our own Fat Dog Farms Garden Market. The amount of energy and inspiration that is generated during this event is truly amazing to see! Each year cultivates new friendships and the dream of coming together as a community— to inspire, create, and share ideas—has become a reality.

I invite you to explore Fat Dog Farms and I hope that you, too, will be inspired to create and share your ideas within this growing community.