Mason Bee Nest Care FALL: September

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Now is the time to protect your pollinators from the winds and rain of fall. You will want to remove your nest (or just the tubes), carefully! They need to be brought into an unheated storage room, garage, or shed that is cool. By removing your nest or tubes, you will protect the larvae from being eaten by predatory wasps and birds and also protecting from the storms and freezing temperatures that are coming in the next few months.

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  1. How can I tell which one is the best product among those mentioned on the list here?
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  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your get together at Starkeys on Mason Bees! As a newby to Mason Bees we were heartbroken to open up each tube (around 22) that had been filled and find the mites had gotten to each of them and ruined them. We researched this and read that the bees actually may carry the mites into each tube and once the tube is sealed, the mites take over and have a feast. Of course we're going to keep at this and intend to put another box up this spring but how can we make sure the next batch of Mason bees won't be bringing in their own mites with them? Am going to Starkey's this morning and pick up a tube that has the eggs already in it, plus pick up a net to put over the box as well. But, how do we get on top of a situation that is doomed if it is indeed coming from the Mason Bee itself? Thank you! Linda