Mason Bee Nest Care SUMMER: June – August

by - 6:40 PM

Female mason bee with pollen - copyright Fat Dog Farms

How are your mason bees doing this summer? The mason bees that emerged earlier in spring should now be all gone. They spent their short life pollinating and producing offspring for next year. Now your newly filled tubes are filled with larvae that have started to develop inside the tubes. They will soon make cocoons and become new adults resting in the cells.

Now is the time to protect your pollinators. In June, when all activity has stopped, carefully place a thin mesh bag over your nest to protect the young larva from predatory wasps and birds. Important: Be careful not to disturb the nest too much as you place the netting over the house.

With the onset of fall, the bees will become dormant as they go into hibernation. Now you just sit back and wait until fall when you will need to remove the nest for winter storage.

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